2022. 4. 8
『Casa BRUTUS 2022/5』

Our hotel project “Suimontei”, which we have been working on for 3 years in Takahata, Nara, was featured in the May issue of Casa BRUTUS (on sale on April 8) as the opening feature in the 31-page “Introduction to Japanese Modern” issue.
We are pleased to announce that we have renovated the former residence of a cultural figure in Nara, which was built about 100 years ago, with the cooperation of Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall®, with determination and care.
The building was very damaged, but one by one, we have been able to achieve this goal thanks to the support of many people who have agreed with our ideas and wishes.
We hope that through your stay at Suimontei, you will feel as if you were living in the Takabatake area of Nara.
Like a villa in Nara, we will strive to make Suimontei a place that you will love for many years to come, so that we can show you the beauty of Takahata in each season.
Please take a look at the May issue of Casa BRUTUS (on sale on April 8), which will give you an early glimpse of its charms!


3年にわたり奈良・高畑にて進めてきました私たちのホテルプロジェクト「翠門亭」がこの度、Casa BRUTUS 5月号(4月8日発売)「和風モダン入門」特集に巻頭特集として31ページにわたり掲載されました


その魅力を少し早く知っていただけるCasa BRUTUS 5月号(4月8日発売)をぜひ、ご高覧くださいませ。