The residence can be booked exclusively on a one group per night basis. In case you wish to invite your friends over, the living and dining spaces are located on the first floor, where privacy on the second floor can still be maintained, separated by a flight of stairs, including the bedroom which gives you an exceptional view of the monumental grounds of Zutou nearby and Mount Ikoma in the background, It is also equipped with an adjacent bathroom and washroom.
The kitchen on the ground floor has an IH heater stove, equipped with cooking utensils for your personal use. Across the room, you will find a widely decked area floating in the spacious open ceiling, where you can enjoy the architectural layout of Suimontei from a different perspective. The overnight plan goes per room with your choice of adding breakfast, or both breakfast and dinner. For breakfast, we will prepare a good heartfelt Japanese breakfast for you to experience how much care goes into our morning meals, and for dinner, a special menu that will allow you to experience what Nara has to offer depending on the season.

Floor plan
1F 2F
The space boasts 123 square meters with one king sized bed. The dining area has a proper dining table. There are washrooms (on both first and second floors), closets, TV, WiFi, safety box (sized to fit a laptop PC), minibar and bathroom (w/tub).
Maximum 2 persons
The space is unfortunately not designed as a universal barrier-free space, so please be aware that the building has stairs and steps.
Booking, and its use, is available for persons 13 and older.
Towels, bath towels, hand towels, robes, blankets, pyjamas, hair shampoo, rinse and conditioner, body wash, body cream, bath salts, toothbrushes, mouthwash, hairbrush, razors, shower caps, hair bands, cotton tips, cotton swabs, hair dryer, first-aid kit, eye masks and cell phone chargers are available for your use.
There are glasses, wine glasses (for red, white and sparkling), cups, electric kettle, IH heater stove, pots, ladles, cooking chopsticks, cutlery, chopsticks, plates and kitchen soap.
Minibar (gratis)
Mineral water, tea, sparkling water, juice and champagne.
The design for the first floor, where the garden can be accessed through an open veranda, was based on images of a Japanese living room at a time when people’s lifestyle started shifting to a more western way of life. There is light shining in from the open ceiling, where you can ease yourself on to the spacious sofa, or armchair by choice, take in the stillness of the moss garden, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy how a day can go by, while revealing a myriad of expressions. The TV screen is mounted on the wall, and on both sides are spacious closets hidden with impressive sliding doors made from wisteria.
The kitchen welcomes you with a photograph of the five storied pagoda on the temple grounds of Kofukuji, shot exclusively for us by the photographer Takashi Homma, which draws you further into the creases of Nara. It is equipped with an IH heater stove with basic kitchen tools which will help you make yourself at home if you choose to cook up a simple meal. The refrigerator will be stocked with drinks on the house. You may enjoy your dinner, and breakfast the next day, served on the dining table designed by Sori Yanagi.
The bedroom, facing the open ceiling space, is designed so that the ceiling is intentionally set slightly lower to maintain a sense of peaceful intimacy. The headboard. made of woven wisteria vines has matching side tables, where you will be able to control the lights on both the first and second floors. The linen, pyjamas and socks are by Échapper. Since your sleeping environment is an important factor when you need to unwind, especially when you are away from home, pyjamas, bed linen and even socks customed by the linen brand Échapper will make a difference, as the brand is known to bring out the best of the material they choose. In the cabinet below, you will find eye pillows, local spring water from Nara and a humidifier to make the most of your quality down-time.
The washroom and bathroom on the second floor facing south-west will have plenty of sunlight to light up the space as well as your spirit. The bathroom is designed with a modern feel, where you can look out the window to find a miniature garden that we call tsuboniwa. Latticed screens are designed to protect your privacy, while at the same time, still feel the presence of the breeze and sun. The washing room has the original windowpane from before the renovation, which helps you feel the contrast between the old and new.