2022. 11. 19

“Sushi Sanshin”has a restaurant in Osaka.
It opened in 2016, and I have been coming here for about six years since then. At first, I wanted to see the Japanese paper on the wall of the restaurant, so I found a job opening and asked for a reservation. I found a job opening and asked for an appointment. I spoke with the owner and told him I would call him when the restaurant opened, and that was the beginning of my relationship with him. I was supposed to go there to see the wall, but I was completely fascinated by his sushi and his personality. In no time at all, it became a restaurant where it was difficult to make reservations, and now there are no end of customers who come from all over Japan to visit. His straight-forward, beautiful, consistent, and passionate sushi makes me think that this restaurant is the only place I need to go to for sushi. Sanshin’s sushi will be served at Suimontei. Please enjoy the time spent with Sanshin’s sushi in a way that only he can. I am sure you will be truly satisfied.

Mariko Hojo


大阪に店を構える「鮨 三心」
2016年にオープンし、その頃から通いつめて早六年ほど。最初は、店の壁の和紙がみたくて、求人募集を見つけて、そこから予約をお願いを。「オープンしたら連絡します」と大将と話をして、そこからのご縁。壁を見に行ったはずが、すっかり彼の握る鮨、人柄に魅了されてしまいました。あっという間に予約困難なお店になってしまって、今や全国から足を運ぶお客さんが後を絶ちません。彼のまっすぐと美しい一貫一貫に熱を帯びた鮨は、この店があればもう私、お鮨はここだけでいいと思ってしまうほど。2020年からはシャリの追求の先にあった米作りも始まり、彼の成長はどこまでも止まることがありません。その鮨 三心の鮨を翠門亭で握っていただきます。彼としかできない鮨と向き合う時間を存分にお楽しみください。きっと心からご満足いただけると思います。

北条 満李子



11/19 sat.

Part 1/一部 11:00~

Part 2/二部 12:30~

Part 3/三部 14:00~

Part 4/四部 15:30~

Part 5/五部 17:00~

Part 6/六部 18:30~


Price:¥ 22.000


Contact information

TEL 0742-25-2775

MAIL hello@suimontei.jp