Nara is a city known for its serene landscapes that preserve the ancient past. It is the old capital preceding Kyoto, with noted temples such as Todai-ji with its giant Buddha statue, and is the gateway for the spiritual travels further south.
Some may be familiar with the many deer that graze and roam on the sacred grounds, but Takabatake is a neighborhood where families of Shinto priests and prominent figures in literature had long maintained their quiet lives.

In the Edo period, the area was known for its residences of high priests, especially from the shrine of Kasuga Taisha, as its grounds border the northern side of the neighborhood. The families were called Shaké (hence the neighborhood being called Shaké-machi) that held titles passed on through generations to maintain their spiritual integrity. After the Taisho period, many writers and artists, such as Naoya Shiga who came to make their homes here, were drawn by its cultural atmosphere.

Takabatake was also where the Seki family, a family of prominent entrepreneurs chose to call it their home since the Meiji period, when Japan opened its doors to the rest of the world. By a chance encounter, when their former residence was entrusted to us, we decided to preserve the heritage in the form of Suimontei, an exclusive hotel residence that takes a single group per day.
With a strong connection to nature, being so close in its surroundings, Suimontei will be your home in Nara, allowing you to experience the four seasons as they present themselves differently in different times of the year.
The presence of history can be felt, with its values of solemnness and respect.
We sincerely believe that you will enjoy your time spent here with us at Suimontei.